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Re: Root Canal Agony

> I too have a G2 and while it does a lot, I don't think you are going to
> everything you want out of this one box.  I sure like it a lot, but the
> looper is not really my favorite part.  Also it's pretty esoteric to
> program--maybe Steve Lawson could do a video 8->D

The G2 not that hard to program, you just have to understand the
architecture... It's VERY deep, though I do wish it mad a bit more
processing power to handle some of the more extreme things I'd want it to
do. That said, you can chain up some nutz effects.

And the looper is top notch - I just use my old JamMan footswitch to 
it, rather than a midi pedal, and it works great. There are loads of cool
things you can do looping into a side chain and processing the loop
separately so you have loops coming back nowt like they went in... lots of
fun. Takes a while, but it's worth it. I've got pretty deep with mine now, 

...and if Lexicon wants to pay me a shedload of cash, I'd happily explain 
all on video... :o)

www.steve-lawson.co.uk (gig details, news, MP3s etc.)
www.stevelawson.net (the side-door)
www.pillowmountainrecords.co.uk (buy CDs)
www.pmrecords.gemm.com (buy the same CDs)
www.solobassnetwork.org.uk (other people making solo bass noises)