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RE: mac G5 -- what's the word?

Hi Jim, 

I'm also a PC user (and a Mac user as well) and I have ordered a G5. For
a couple of years I have been using PC's with fast P4 processors for
studio recording but now the G5 is the machine that seems to make the
best choice for a native DAW. And it seems to me as the music business
will be even more "Applefied" now as the iTunes Music Store was such a
huge success and the publishing software for music labels will soon be
out for the Mac. Except for the low price PC's just don't make sense to
me as they did some years ago. I mean, back then there were hardly no
mp3 encoding software for Mac and you had to get a PC to code your mixes
into mp3. All that has changed now and I'm so happy that the G5 machines
will let me continue to work in Logic with the same muscles I'm used to
from studio PC's  :-)  (I did never count on the G4 as an option though)

Best wishes

Per Boysen
---> www.boysen.se
---> www.looproom.com
Next gig:
28 July, Stockholm Jazz Festival
05 Aug 13.00, Umeå, Noliamässan 

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> From: jimfowler [mailto:jimfowler@prodigy.net] 
> Sent: Friday, August 01, 2003 2:12 PM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: mac G5 -- what's the word?
> just curious...i'm a pc user and need a good excuse to get a 
> mac...so i'm wondering what the word is on the G5.  it seems 
> to me that the G4 is still going for more than the G5.
> -jim