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Re: mac G5 -- what's the word?

Last I heard, the G5 will not be available until August, though considering today's date, this may not be that great an issue anymore.
I don't know who told you the G4 costs more.  I just got a dual-processor G4 with 120GB RAM, 512GB HD at a good discount because somebody bought it then returned it to the Apple store within days of the G5 announcement.  G4s nowadays should be selling for at least $300 less than the nearest-priced G5 model. 

jimfowler <jimfowler@prodigy.net> wrote:
just curious...i'm a pc user and need a good excuse to get a mac...so i'm
wondering what the word is on the G5. it seems to me that the G4 is still
going for more than the G5.


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