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Re: Another EDP functionality question

Hi Glenn,

Glenn Poorman wrote:

> Is there a way to quantize the overdub function?


1) Use either Stutter or Replace mode (under the Loop/Delay parameter)
2) Plug a pedal into the Feedback jack

Because the pedal controls feedback in these cases, the front panel knob
becomes a feedback control just for the Substitute function.  If you
turn the feedback knob all the way to the left, it'll behave as normal
(feedback=0 when using Substitute.)  If the knob is hard right,
Substitute basically becomes Overdub, because feedback=100.  So in this
way, Substitute becomes an Overdub function, and will respond to
Quantization just as it normally would.

You can set the Substitute feedback value anywhere between these two
extremes, and you'll see your feedback value displayed on the front
panel when you're executing it.  

> I keep thinking it would be cool if
> there were a way to quantize this in order to do the
> Lafosse style quantized glitches

We should probably call this "Andy Butler style" instead, since he came
up with the idea first (and since I hardly ever use quantized glitches 

Hear him in action: http://www.andybutler.com

Good luck,

--Andre LaFosse