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Edp Midi sync=out > making a Fireworx crazy

Hi dear friends,
it seems that this is the time I am subscribing back to beloved LD.
I hope this is going to be a good sign for this new year, as more time 
available for myself is one of my targets.
So, the reason why I'm sending this post is the following (I'm pasting 
the question as it has been sent to Tc electronic) :

This is the midi flow of my rack:
Midi footcontroller with 6 pedals (continous sontrollers) into Doepfer
Master Fader > Eventide Orville > Oberheim Echoplex > Fireworx.
Foot controller on midi channel 1
Doepfer on midi chan 0
Orville on midi chan 2 and 3
Echoplex on midi chan 4
Fireworx on midi chan 5

the midi controls the Fireworx is receiving are the following:
Volume out: contr. 27
ext. 1: on contr. 20
ext. 2: on contr. 21
ext. 3: on contr. 22
External Tempo Sync coming from Echoplex (chan.4): on note on/off

After some use the Fireworx freezes (nothing is responding to any kind
of order: nor from midi, nor from the panel) only workaround (???) is
to switch it off and reboot (using the backpanel switch).

after a few hours of clean and smooth running of the Fireworx WITHOUT 
the Edp midi linked to it and controlling its tempo, I am suspecting the 
reason of its problem comes from Edp's Midi Sync.
The Edp (Loop IV ver.1.1)  sends out a midi sync (Sync=Out) which works 
perfectly and is well received from the Fireworx, it just seems that it 
is causing it to be overwhelmed by it after some use.

I am sure I'll find the answer submitting this question to the Mighty LD 
Masters ?

have a great 2004.
my best,