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a call for loopers in europe

Hi guys,
I have been organizing small, mostly solo gigs in a small wine bar 
located on the southern Garda Lake, in Italy, 30 Km from Verona and 120 
from Milan.
Since June 2003 we have been doing one gig a month.
Some of the talented people from this list have already done a gig 
there; they are Steve Lawson, Rick Walker, Claude Voit and Rainer 
I would like to continue to host people from LD there so, if anyone is 
interested, please write me a mail on luca@unguitar.com, I'll provide 
you with a data sheet with all the infos/fees/time schedules.
I'll be asking to people who I don't know personally to send me some 
music but, please, before sending me audio files via mail, let's see if 
they are too big for my small account in the middle of the country where 
fast connections are not available (since cows and pigs don't use them).
My best,