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Re: EDP not working

At 10:41 PM 1/7/2004, wavecomputer360 wrote:
>in fact the sockets for the memory are probably the tackiest quality Iīve 
>ever seen.

they used different sockets in different builds, so that's probably not a 
very meaningful statement for most people. From the memory config you 
mention it sounds like your echoplex is really old.

>When my friend Frank - who is a noted computer tech - replaced the 
>original 4 mb with 16 mb SIMMs, he didnīt manage to get the original 
>components out of their sockets. Using more force after tender and 
>pulling resulted in contact brackets from the sockets getting loose.

uh, despite your high regard for this fellow, it sounds like he doesn't 
know what he is doing. I would not let him in your gear again if I were 


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