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RE: Official Loopers Meeting at NAMM

Uh . . . I think Friday or Saturday is traditionally the Loop lunch--
BTW, I am not sure of my schedule in Harvey's booth, but when folks show 
I hope to get a chance to show what I've been up to--Harvey will be 
as well as other guests when they show, and I am not sure which days I'll 
there, but when we agree on a day, I'll make sure I'm there to chat and 
(ooh, that food is mediocre and overpriced--maybe meet and go somewhere 
to eat, or eat first!).
It would be great if we could make it at the StarrLabs booth, tho . . .
Makes it easy for me!

Kim wondered:  is there a particular day when this is going to happen?

At 01:26 PM 1/8/2004, loop.pool wrote:
>To wit,   I would like to propose a formal LOOPERS LUNCHEON at NAMM
>at 12 NOON at the
>  Starr Labs (#1006, Hall E)
>Where fellow list member Gary Lehman will be performing