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well, after several weeks, i finally popped the 20 sec return call answering machine tape into my 4 trac.....a radio shack tape.....there is a dead spot in the loop, the loop isn't seamless.....so if all you have playing is the tape, you will have a portion of a sec. of silence.....is this the nature of the beast?.....also, i had to stop and switch the channel from input to tape in order to get it playing.....not a very elligent system for "live looping" tm. .....but as i sit here, i keep coming up with other ideas such as using the "silence" as part of the loop etc.....i will investigate more.....this is not my favorite looping technique though.....my fave is taking a LOOPPOOL tune and looping it backwards and slowing it down about 74% all the while dying my hair purple as the loop plays on.....the crowds go wild!.....:).....michael
p.s. i think that my equipment has taken on a "mind" of its own and for some reason it wants to punish me.....could this be possible?