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Michael, Kim was nice enough to put my little treatise on cassette looping online, may give you some ideas:


The dead spot (leader) in the loop is fairly typical, but there are some tapes identified as leaderless.  You can make your own tapes with no leader too.  To get around having to switch from input to tape to hear the track, use the cue section of the four-track.  As soon as you switch the track out of record mode (with a punch-in pedal, or manually) you'll be able to control the volume with the cue for that track, and the track can still be set to input.  There's no sound-on-sound (unless you make your own bastard tape that avoids the record head), so as soon as you're in record, you won't hear what was on the tape before, of course.

The best suggestion I'd say right now is to get a punch-in pedal - a sustain pedal for a keyboard generally works.  check the doc for more on that - and kudos for giving it a shot, I'd love to know what you come up with!

I finally made a couple mp3's of my messing about with this format:

This one is just a single track, illustrating the use of a punch-in pedal to drop in quick fragments, also using the tape-speed function switch for pitchshifting:

And this one uses four separate tracks, again with some punch-ins and pitchshifting:

Daryl Shawn

well, after several weeks, i finally popped the 20 sec return call answering machine tape into my 4 trac.....a radio shack tape.....there is a dead spot in the loop, the loop isn't seamless.....so if all you have playing is the tape, you will have a portion of a sec. of silence.....is this the nature of the beast?.....also, i had to stop and switch the channel from input to tape in order to get it playing.....not a very elligent system for "live looping" tm. .....but as i sit here, i keep coming up with other ideas such as using the "silence" as part of the loop etc.....i will investigate more.....this is not my favorite looping technique though.....my fave is taking a LOOPPOOL tune and looping it backwards and slowing it down about 74% all the while