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On 04-01-12 12.28,  "Douglas Baldwin" <coyotelk@optonline.net> wrote:

> Okay. To recap, run two long delays at slightly different lengths, say 
>18 and
> 18.5 seconds///////

That's a nice technique! I like to use my two hardware loopers in a similar
way, by overdub recording into two loops of different lengths (using EDP +
Repeater). I also like to jump between sync and no sync between the 
When I'm running them synced I'm always slaving the Repeater, since it can
time stretch and catch up on the fly. Sometimes I change the sync reference
in the EDP (call up a new program with a different 8th/cycle setting) to
kick the slave into another tempo. This can give some nice polyrhythmic

But my favorite looping techniques are simply mental, just the normal
techniques to stay focused and perform from the center position of my body.
This is what makes the difference for me and I try to minimize my set-up
both technically and in ways of options. I like options but there is a
definite limit where you loose the freedom of improvisation. That's a 
limit, although based on the technical set-up. I'd rather stretch out than
stretch the limits ;-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen