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I have put some time into pondering the idea of a "favorite technique, 
innitially thinking that the nature of having or allowing one's self to 
a favorite technique would lead to a stagnation of style and end up with 
many pieces that all sound similar, however, given a nights sleep to 
further I now figure that most of the bands that i REALLY like have a 
distinct stlye of play or a reocurring theme in many of their works that 
kind of makes their  song sound "theirs" so I figure maybe focusing on a 
good solid technique and verients thereof would maybe lead to a more 
recognisable me-ness!!!!!

HMMMM.....note so self , gotta stop babbling on.....

well anyhoo, I figure the approach that i use most ofter goes as follows,

1. set up small rhythm section by banging on my guitar in verious ways,
2. multiply out whilst adding either chords or basslines
3. overdub this longer loop with faded in guitar bits (all of these are 
heavily effected and beging to shound like an arenged string part)
4, hammer home the endsection by using something along the lines of the 
Digitech SynthWha set to an upward frequency filter to get a loud space 
filling effect.

rtp to solo and add vocals!!!

Anyways, on that note I'll  duck out.

CU on the flip side


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