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Re: once more: sync fun w/two repeaters + fcb1010

One possible solution might be to use two products from MIDI Solutions 
will split and merge the MIDI signal:

FCB out -> splitter in

splitter out 1 -> rptr1 in
splitter out 2 -> merger in 1

rptr1 out (not thru) -> merger in 2

merger out -> rptr2 in



At 09:00 PM 04/01/14, Zoe Keating wrote:
>Oh tale of woe, my beloved repeater suffers from accelerated decrepitude: 
>the tempo knob is busted, power supply has to be taped into place 'cause 
>it crackles...I fear the end is near...
>But that's not my subject today. This question is a variation on one I 
>have asked in the past.
>I've got 2 repeaters. Using one midi pedal, I want to get repeater 02 to 
>receive midi sync from repeater 01.
>I have the FCB1010 controlling both repeaters on different channels.
>FCB1010 -> repeater 01 midi in
>repeater 01 thru -> repeater 02 midi in
>problem: repeater 02 does not receive midi clock from repeater 01.
>I used to work around this by recording a blank loop on repeater 02 and 
>then would twiddle the tempo knob to match the tempo of the loop in 
>repeater 01. But that was a brain-dead solution and.. well...clearly I've 
>been twiddling that knob too much!!
>Am I daft? Does anyone know another way to achieve this?
>Thanks very, very much. Zoe