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Reminder/update: Andre LaFosse and Steve Lawson at CalArts, 1/20/04

More details for a last minute show with myself and Steve -

Tuesday, January 20th
4:00 PM
CalArts - http://www.calarts.edu
Free admission!

The performance with be in the Gamelan music room (room number A114, on
the first floor).  There's an info desk just inside the main entrance to
the school that can provide you with more directions...

Both Steve and I will do full solo sets, and may also play some duo
stuff, depending on how the day goes...

Steve is also doing a show with Trip Wamsley in Costa Mesa the night
before, and LD'r Tom Greisgraber is playing in town the night after -
good week for shows in LA, for once!

--Andre LaFosse
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