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OT: looking for quirky organ samples to loop

I'm looking for a bunch of different samples of different atypical organs
(non-church, non B3, non farfisa).   I keep hearing some really great
and idiosyncratic organs on records by Elliot Smith and others and wonder
if anyone knows of a particularly good collection or if you have some
with your own sample collection.

I'm not really interested in records or CDs of organ performances to sample
but more
am looking for samples that have already been made, specifically for 
on keyboards.

Barring that,   how about some cool processing suggestions to make typical
organs sound more
interesting..............maybe that's what I'm hearing on these records 
been listening to.

I have a really good CD of drum samples (particularly concentrating on
electronic drums,
synth drums and old analogue drum machines, but with several good acoustic
kits as well)
that I'd be happy to trade straight across for.

Please contact me off list only at


Thanks a lot