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Re: DOD PDS 1002

Title: Re: DOD PDS 1002
on 1/18/04 4:56 PM, Shane Whitbread at shanewhitbread@sympatico.ca wrote:

There are 2 trimpots to adjust.  All you need is 2 sizes of screwdrivers, a felt tipped pen, and a battery.  Basically

expect more detailed instructions soon as I am going to write a really simple page with photos on it(or follow the guidelines for modding the RDS3.6/7.6, except you can plug in the unit while tweaking it if you used a battery without risk).  when I get ahold of a PDS1002 and 2000, I will add them, unless someone can post a link to a photograph of the guts of these(or is willing to take a photo).

Does anyone know if the PDS8000 is adjustable?  Has anyone tried?  Or are they just too expensive for anyone to open and start to mess with?

whats up fellow loopers. ive been a silent "obserever" thus far (getting on the typer makes my arms feel like im in a piano recital), but the PDS 1002 discussion pulled me in. i happen to have one on its way from Ebayland as we type. do you have to get inside the unit to make the mods? ive been looping my bass and elec. violin along with various MuTron, pitch bends, and synths for a number of years now-- mainly live electro stuff. (stressing the "electro" rather than "live"-- most clubbers dont even realize weve got instruments on)
  now im in a weird rock band thats loop heavy. too fun for words. any info on the 1002 is greatly appreciated. also, the "favorite looping technique" discussions ruled.
 anyone looping in San Diego besides me? later.





 thanks, man. i may be able to shoot you  a photo when i get mine in-- well be in touch.