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Re: Tia's looping plug-in (was: Using computers as a Live Looper- software alternatives)

On 04-01-21 11.19,  "Tias" <tias@condomo.com> wrote:

> Actually Per, i've been thinking of having both ways possible but right 
> it's the first way, i.e. the plugin will wait untill the end of the loop 
> then start recording a new loop-length.
> What i'm also thinking is that maybe it would be nice to have an
> "auto-duplicate" (kind of like the multiply-function on the EDP), so 
>that if
> the plugin goes into Record Loop Length and it reaches the endpoint of 
> last recorded length, then as it should it continues beyond that point
> playing only silence at the moment, but i'm thinking it could be cool to
> autorepeat the last loop so you can do multiplication by 1.5 or so. 
> that will be a feature also. ;)
> /Mattias

You know what! 

--> 1 "Loop point parameter"
One thing that would be tremendously cool is to be able to adjust the loop
point on the fly. I'm talking about the point when it goes back to play it
back from the beginning. If "loop point" is a parameter it will come up as
midi cc assignable under Ableton Live and you could adjust it on the fly
from a midi expression pedal. Quantized in steps or not quantize (which of
course will bring any rhythmic loop out of phase with the beat (but that
might just be the point ;-)

--> 2 "Loop start parameter"
Now imagine that you can do the same also to the loop start point.

--> 3 "Loop segment parameter"
And finally imagine you can address both the start point and the loop point
as a "loop segment". This parameter moves start point and loop point
together through the sound file, keeping the loop length fixed.

With the "part three" stuff you should be able to do a lot of interesting
sounds. Imagine setting the loop time very short, not necessarily to a
quantize value, and sweep the looping segment through the sound file from 
expression pedal, a fader or some knob. And then, while doing this, you
might as well increase the loop point value to make the loop longer.

--> 4 "Home parameter"
After glitching away into complete rhythmic anarchy, by playing the loop at
a lot of non quantized lengths, you can immediately get back into sync on
the down beat by bringing the start- and loop point back to their original
values. It would be nice with a button for this "original loop length",
because such a button would then be accessible from external midi via Live.
"Original loop lenghth" can simply eqyal the entire soundfile as it was
recorded - if that would make program coding simpler.

Welll.... I'll shut up now ;-)