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Re: Tia's looping plug-in (was: Using computers as a Live Looper-software alternatives)

On 04-01-21 12.54,  "Tias" <tias@condomo.com> wrote:

> Just remember, my mainconcern for this plugin is that the user-interface
> might get cluttered in the end so too many visible parameters = clutter, 
> i'm thinking that maybe parameter representation for live-looping is best
> done with only visible (fake) LCD-numbers and not loads of drawbars that 
> can manipulate with the mouse. How's that for a thought?

Right on the spot! ;-)

Well, a cool GUI is always nice. But serious users will not spend much time
looking at it anyway. We want to patch up external midi controllers and 
a go to make music. And if when the plug runs under Live it uses the 
GUI for controller mapping.

It would be different if you were pitching your plug-in at the average DAW
user that uses the computer mouse to tweak on-screen faders to record
automation into Cubase or some other host program.

Best wishes

Per Boysen