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Re: SusReplace bug?

Hi Andy 
sorry i meant SUSSubstitute(i always get replace and
substitute mixed up)
I have and EDP with loopIV and programmed this fuction
via New Direct MIDI.So when i press de button the old
loop starts fading out slowly instead of being
substituted right away, while the new one gets
Any ideas?

--- SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
> > Hi gang,
> >  normally when i use the susReplace function
> holding
> >  the button on my fcb1010 it will replace the
> previous
> >  loop but last night as i was practicing it
> started
> >  fading out the previous loop and replacing it
> with the
> >  new input.
> Sorry, there just aren't enough details here.
> If you can describe more clearly.
> ..also
> did you use the InsertMode=rPL way of doing this,
> or the DirectMidi.
> do you have Loop4 or loop3?
> were you using an EDP?  :-)
> andy butler 


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