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EDP is fantastic!!!!!


Thank you, Aurisis, for putting out LOOP4! Today I recorded this guitar
improvisation  http://www.boysen.se/studio/edp_strat_01.mp3  and had a 
time with loop4 and EDP slaved to a drum box!

When you run the EDP in slave mode you can jump between HalfSpeed and
FullSpeed and cut audio slices in and out without affecting the tempo. This
was almost a new experience for me. I've never actually been slaving the 
before, since I have usually been running it as the sync master to stay 
to change tempo in the fly. But then you have to live also with the fact
that HalfSpeed means half the tempo. Not today though! Today my EDP made 
debut as Slave ;-) 

Best wishes

Per Boysen