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Website and CD announcement

Title: Website and CD announcement
Hello everyone,

It’s been a frigid, flu-riddled winter here in Boston (and it’s only January!), but
on the bright side, the long-promised, long-procrastinated website redesign is finally done.

There are two loop-based projects with mp3s to feast your ears on



Along with some fun images.

I also wanted to thank Rick Walker for his kind words (below) about my solo bass CD, ghost 7— New Directions In Static, which is also finally done cooking. You can hear a few tracks on the website.

Says Rick--

I also really enjoyed ghost7, dan soltzberg's bass looping project. He has some beautiful and abstract loops that he created, frequently transcending the normal role of the bass guitar. It is a very minimalist and abstract affair (after my own aesthetic heart), and I particularly liked his use of programmed drum machine (something I'm normally very critical of being a drummer/programmer).

The other salient feature of this recording is that he recorded and looped this project live with no overdubs, no mean feat. I really enjoyed it and recommend it for purchase.


Send me an email if you’re interested in obtaining the whole CD.


ghost 7/ Orange