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FS: EDP and FC w/ LoopIV

Since I've been doing most of my work in the home
studio with software lately, and I *really* need to
pay off some credit card debt, I've gotta send my EDP
off to a new home.  Purchased used in late 2002, this
is an original Obie EDP upgraded last year to LoopIV
(I've still got the original Loop3.3 ROM, and will
include with purchase) with max memory.  Also includes
the EFC-7 foot controller, both the original manual
and the LoopIV manual, a power cord, and some spare
fuses and replacement buttons for the foot controller
from my personal stash.  Going price is $650; payment
by PayPal is preferred, but I'll take a money order or
cashier's check.  Email me offlist at
coirbidh_99(at)yahoo.com.  If I don't have an offer by
Friday evening, it goes to the eBay masses.  Thanks!


Scott Martin

Beauty - no matter how disturbing or how still - is always true.  Don't be 
afraid to let go of the things you know.  Defy your weaker, safer self.  
Create.  Make music.
-Sonny Sharrock

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