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Re: Multitrack recording question

> Those audio workstations I've used copy the tracks no problem, but they
> don't actually modify (or even copy) the underlying wav files, so
> projects end up sharing the same base wavs.  This causes a lot of
> I'd rather work with each project having it's own shortened wav files and
> delete the originals.  If I just use soundforge, I have to do 1 track at 
> time and then it becomes a lot of work to keep them properly aligned.

I think that any decent multitrack recording software will give you the
option of converting a wave file to a unique copy. So, if you crop it down
and convert it to a unique copy, you should just the cropped part as a new
wave file.

> Any tools excel at this kind of thing?    I've taken some time off from
> working on this stuff.  I hope I'm not being dense and the answer's
> me in the face.

Syntrillium's CoolEdit Pro is good at that. They have unfortunately been
taken over by Adobe and it is now called Adobe Audition. I've had nothing
but problems dealing with Adobe and with Audition. I use my older CoolEdit
software instead.

    Good luck,