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NYC 1/31/2004 - An Evening of Improvisation -- Sukato, David Beardsley,R.D. Hansen, Loren Dempster

An Evening of Improvisation  -- Sukato, David Beardsley, R.D. Hansen, 
Loren Dempster

Time:  8 pm
Date:  Saturday, January 31, 2004, but keep an eye on the weather & 
Place:  Loren's loft (304 Boerum St #23 (buzzer 11 @ White), East 
Williamsburg, Brooklyn), directions below.


Adam Wilson -- classical guitar
Arto Artinian -- flute
Brad Kemp -- double bass

Sukato -- ukelele, darabukkah, plectrum violin, and voice.

David Beardsley -- just-intoned guitars (fretted and maybe fretless) and 

R.D. Hansen -- soprano saxophone.

Loren Dempster -- digeridoo and cello.

This concert will be at Loren Dempster's loft in East Williamsburg. 
Bring a friend. Bring ten friends.
This is a free concert (though there will be a donation basket for those 
who wish to give).

DIRECTIONS (via subway):

 From the L train:
Get off at "Morgan Avenue" stop.
Exit out front of train platform. There is a map of the area here. Exit 
sharp right of station lobby, you will be at corner of Morgan and 
Harrison Place. Left down Harrison Place, (if you hit Knickerbocker, you 
went the wrong way) right on Bogart, left on Boerum. 304 Boerum, buzz 11 
to get in.

 From J, M, or Z trains:
Get off "Flushing Avenue" stop.
Walk northeast on Flushing left on Bushwick, right on Boerum. 304 
Boerum, buzz 11 to get in.
 -- OR --
Marcy Ave, walk to bus barn area, get B61, get out at Morgan ave L stop 
and use directions above.

* David Beardsley
* microtonal guitar
* http://biink.com/db