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Echoplex and MIDI out

Hello all,

I've just bought an EDP off of Ebay and waiting for it's arrival.

Trying to envision all the things I'll need to make it do in my setup.

Right now I use a MIDI foot controller ot control my Electrix Repeater 
(which will be going up for sale).

I want to get the EDP foot controller though and do away with the MIDI 
controller (FCB1010).

I also have an Emu PX-7 for sequenced drum loops and guitar synth sounds.

When I have a loop running, or not, I want to be able to start and stop 
the sequence on the PX7 from the EDP foot controller.

Realizing it's not a MIDI controller, does the EDP send out MIDI commands 
in response to button pushes on the EDP foot controller?

BTW, this unit doesn't now have the LoopIV upgrade, I believe it's the 
Loop III software.

Thanks in advance,