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RE: Echoplex and MIDI out

> To clarify, I'm going to be syncing EDP to the PX7. A nice feature of
> PX7 that I've not figured out in typical drum machines I've used is
> the tempo is stored with the sequence, so you call up the drum
sequence to
> use and it's got the tempo I stored with it. For my purposes that's
> though I'm sure it could be set up to work the other way too.

If you're using the EDP as the master, then the EDP will determine
the tempo regardless of how your drum machine is set. You can make
the EDP the slave, however, in which case your drum machine will
call the shots and set the loop time. When I record, I'll make the
recording gear the master, set the tempo there, and then that
tempo determines the loop time on the EDP and the tempo on the
drum machine.