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RE: Torn show

The guitar DT is now playing is made by Saul Koll/Koll Guitars.  DT calls 
the Naugahyde Tornado.  The amp/head was built by Reinhold Bogner and has 
been dubbed "Furry" by DT.  Was there another head/amp?  If so that would 
have been the Judybox "Splattatone."

Koll pics:  


>From: Andre Cholmondeley <projectobject@earthlink.net>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Subject: Torn show
>Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 21:07:23 -0500
>David Torn (ensemble show)      with Andre LaFosse (opening)
>WHERE: NYC - MAKOR performance space -35 W 67th.
>WHEN: WED JAN 28 - 2004
>Well well -  the snow ­ it sucked royally to park!!.. And that¹s a tough
>area to park anyway.. After the show I had to be PUSHED outta the spot I 
>in... Yikes. The snow/NYC parking debacle  did make me miss my good
>buddy/opening act Andre LaFosse... Œwest coast andre¹ to my Œeast coast
>andre¹... As we¹re known here on ye olde loopers e-list. Tho -we may 
>the issue and switch coasts next year (?)
>WHO: DAVID TORN/guitar textures, madness and beauty. FIMA EPHRON/ac and el
>bass (screaming headless torsos etc), and one of my fave sax players TIM
>BERNE, plus BEN PEROWSKY on skins, a couple triggers and real bells. Super
>WHAT: Torn played a new guitar (what was that...?). Axe had a myriad of 
>swqitches yeilding many diff sounds --there was also a little condenser(?)
>mic on the upper horn of the gtr -- for sampling whatever..EDP, Repeater,
>Korg Electribe..and many other custom and strange sound makers/tweakers...
>all thru Rivera amps and a SECRET new tube head that he is co-designing 
>an amp god...
>HOW: Great show.. What can I say...?? Seemed like  a lot of free-form 
>stuff - the best! I didn¹t really recognize any themes per se...
>DT would somehow capture Tim Berne's sax playing.. And loop it..layer it,
>send it back to Tim as a bass line...rhythmic bed..or counterpoint 
>This was f-in great to hear and see - it was truly 'live production and
>editing'. If you don't know Berne's work check it out NOW.... What a 
>revolutionary player...Very wide dynamic range. The quartet moved from 
>feel to over-the top skronk with nary a seam. Fima is such a great 
>He would come in with a funky pattern right when it was really needed. 
>fell into the bass trap of 'groove-groove-groove-and-never-stop playing'
>BEST PART WAS - everyone onstage LISTENED to the other musicians.... Wow!
>Musically - Super inspiring. Torn's chunk of the universe makes me really
>feel at home.. Polyrhythms... African/asia/mid east/beefheartian and other
>melodies float in and out.. Mutant-Jazz chords...the soul of HENDRIX...
>Loops, textures, building-melting filtered distorto sounds..and gentle 
>of ambience....
>SITINGS: A quick pre-show hello with another buddy - violinist Todd
>Reynolds... You can hear him with ETHEL, Betty Buckley, Steve Reich and 
>many other artists!! Todd and Andre have some kinda looping workshop on
>Got to meet Torn sound engineer/Levin Band engineer/recordist/cool dude
>Robert Frazza..also met LOU from the loopers-delight group....RICHARD
>also... And I'm ashamed to say I forgot a couple other names!! But - the
>group was well represented!!
>Got to talk a bit of shop and music with DT - we also talked a bit about 
>excellent soundtracks for TRAFFIC and THREE KINGS - at that point Mr Torn
>also recommended his recent soundtrack for THE ORDER... [I wanted to see
>that anyway... It¹s (loosely) about the dark secret crap and secret
>societies the catholic church gets into behind locked doors....NO - this
>isn't a statement on the ENTIRE church..save yer email explanation...]
>TORN http://splattercell.com/
>EPHRON http://www.fimamusic.com/fima/bio.html
>BERNE http://www.screwgunrecords.com/
>PEROWSKY http://www.perowsky.com/

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