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Happened to catch these guys last night, in Seattle, at the Seamonster 
Lounge.  A three-piece with some great looping.  At first glance I 
thought it was bass/drums/guitar, but then I noticed that it was 
actually two bassists and a drummer.  One of the bassists just grooved 
on the low-end, the other guy played lead bass, which I usually don't 
like, but this guy was wonderful.

Over the course of their set, which was just a continuous block of 
music (they were playing when I showed up and when I left), he played 
bass, looped his vocalisings on a DL-4, played electric piano (feeding 
a second DL-4) and even picked up an electric guitar for a while.  The 
drummer never stopped, he'd just take a cue from one of the other guys 
and segue into a new groove every ten minutes or so.  I couldn't find 
any info on them on the web, but if they come to your neck of the woods 
I recommend them highly.


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