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Wow man this sounds really exciting!!! i would really
appreciate it if you could send me links about this
microphone with integrated fxs and its funny, i asked
the L.D. community about a year ago about a video
software that could be synced to rhythmic loops via
midi and nobody responded to this and now you are
giving me the link i was looking for!
I am very interested in integrating images live and
would like links also to unique artists who make good
abstract videos.
Ok off to munich bro and tomorrow california yes i
canīt wait to eat tacos with lots of salsa and

--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> I was part of one of the coolest gigs I've ever done
> last night in San
> Francisco's
> Protrero Hill section.  I just wanted to tell you
> all about it and hip you
> to some incredible new looping
> artists that I just became aware of.
> I performed with three amazing BeatBoxers who were
> all using live looping
> gear
> (from a very short digital delay loop to a
> sophisticated midi pedal driven
> Abletons' live laptop
> performance) in San Francisco at the IllBilly
> Rhodehouse on Portrero Hill.
> I have to single out to a couple of amazing
> performers:
> KID LUCKY who has been an incredible performer and
> archiver/producer/historian of the beatboxing 
> movement in New York City
> did a fascinating performance utilizing two brand
> new pieces of
> techology:    an amazing microphone with built in
> effects that he used with
> his mouth put up against this throat to achieve
> sounds that went from guitar
> feedback-esque sounds to industrial sounds to
> incredible beat box mastery to
> spoken word.........................all the while
> controlling video software
> in real time
> with a new program that allows audio to control
> video from Edirol !!!!!   I
> wish I knew the names of the individual instruments,
> but maybe if he is
> lurking, he can fill us in on the stuff.    He used
> a lot of long reverb on
> his whole performance and it made it sound like
> listening to a chronicling
> of urban culture
> through an old Victrola............both futuristic
> and archaic at the same
> time.............it was a really haunting effect and
> I was really impressed
> by his artistry and vision.  Please check his shit
> out.
> KID BEYOND was not only the producer of the event,
> but had an extremely
> sophisticated and entertaining show he put together.
>   He is not only an
> encylopedia of great beat box effects but he has a
> beautiful soul/r&b voice
> and a nice understanding of vocal harmony.   He
> accurately mimicked
> everything from turntable scratching to techno synth
> bass sounds to
> harmonicas to digital echo effects.
> Wow!!!!!   For me, the tour de force of his whole
> show was his opening
> number where he accurately simulated a Portishead
> song.....................with ALL the musical
> elements.  It was such an
> accurate reproduction that spontaneous cheers
> erupted several times in the
> middle of the performance as people realized that he
> had pulled off another
> effect, perfectly.............all without
> effects..........only voice.
> I was also very impressed with his command and use
> of the laptop and
> ableton's live.  He told me afterwards that his
> intention was to never touch
> the laptop and he was successful with his use of
> midi pedal implementation of the loops.This
> immeasurably added to the
> stength of the performance.  I've been a bit
> critical of LIVE because you
> have to use a metronome to start a piece, but KID
> BEYOND cleverly used a
> vocal 'hit hat' simulation so the effect was very
> consistent.   He's the
> first person to make me seriously reconsider getting
> into that program for
> live work and that says a lot.  He completely
> transcended the 'gearhead'
> live looping show and was entertaining, inspiring
> and funny during his set.
> I must also say that he is really working hard to
> keep beatboxing very
> active in San Francisco and he also has a really big
> heart:  involved with
> community service projects and benefits.
> The incomparable Zoe Keating also provided some
> beatiful counterpoint to the
> all vocal
> evening----it was my CD release party for SF with my
> all vocal CD) on cello.
> What a beautiful musician she is.  I just love her
> stuff and can't wait to
> buy a solo cello looping CD from here.
> I also really enjoyed a very young and extremely
> talented beatboxing artist
> named EACH.
> This young man has an incredible future ahead of
> him.  He also, for my
> money, was the dopest pure
> beatboxer on the bill.   I pride myself on being
> able to simulate a lot of
> drum effects in my limited
> use of beatboxing..................this punk made me
> completely embarrased
> to go on stage............what a repertoire and also
> very, very
> sophisticated rhythmically (which you don't always
> hear in beatboxing).
> I had a fun set and was really warmly recieved by
> the audience who were
> generous and enthusiastic the whole evening.  My
> ears were ringing from the
> high pitched whoops and hollers at the end of every
> set.
> To top it all off............the Illbilly Rhodehouse
> who hosted us in a
> beautiful former 19th century Portero Hill saloon is
> a very intimate venue.
> They are going to have other performances and I
> can't wait to go back and
> play again for these really enthusiastic and warm
> supporters of new art in
> the city.
> I knew it was a succesful event because every artist
> was talking with every
> other artist about collaborating on future projects
> at the end of the
> gig.............a very good sign, indeed.
> Well, tonight I got to see my brother, Bill Walker
> do some very tasty live
> looping, backing his sweetheart Nancy LeVan as she
> was given the prestigious
> Gail Rich Award for Service and Accomplishements in
> the Arts tonight and
> tomorrow night, I"m off to see the wonderfully
> creative and inventive Steve
> Lawson and Michael Manring at the Espresso Gardens
> tonight.
> What a fantastic live looping week!!!!!   I feel
> happy to be alive.
> yours, Rick Walker


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