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Re: CoolEdit/Adobe Audition (and some on topic loop editing)

>    What exactly is not working well for you with Adobe Audition?  I'm 
> Cool Edit Pro 2.0
>  right now and I've been thinking about upgrading to Audition.  Not if 
> buggy I won't. :)

OFF Topic
yes, please give details.
...and shame you missed the upgrade to 2.1

On Topic

Cool Edit Pro is great for editing looped performances,
allowing you to do sample accurate X-fades to reduce the 
no. of repeats (etc)
Also, if you record the dry unlooped input, you can reloop
it using the Cool Edit echo in the Multitrack window.
You have to type in the milliseconds (not use the slider), then
the amount of delay possible is at least 30s (which I've tried) .

To find the loop length in mS, make a copy of the loop
and line it up with itself visually, shifted by one loop (sample accurate),
then you can highlight the area between the 2 start points and
read off the time.

setting the decay can be a bit tricky, but you can measure the
amplitude of 2 successive loops and divide second by first. 

By relooping, you can cut out mistakes without losing any other material,
and with patience, you can remix every layer in the loop (should you
want to)

andy butler