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Re: CoolEdit/Adobe Audition (and some on topic loop editing)

But what about Audition?  This isn't off-topic at all, if it's being used 
edit our work.

> >    What exactly is not working well for you with Adobe Audition?  I'm
> > Cool Edit Pro 2.0
> >  right now and I've been thinking about upgrading to Audition.  Not if
> > buggy I won't. :)
> OFF Topic
> yes, please give details.
> ...and shame you missed the upgrade to 2.1
> On Topic
> Cool Edit Pro is great for editing looped performances,
> allowing you to do sample accurate X-fades to reduce the
> no. of repeats (etc)
> Also, if you record the dry unlooped input, you can reloop
> it using the Cool Edit echo in the Multitrack window.
> You have to type in the milliseconds (not use the slider), then
> the amount of delay possible is at least 30s (which I've tried) .
> To find the loop length in mS, make a copy of the loop
> and line it up with itself visually, shifted by one loop (sample
> then you can highlight the area between the 2 start points and
> read off the time.
> setting the decay can be a bit tricky, but you can measure the
> amplitude of 2 successive loops and divide second by first.
> By relooping, you can cut out mistakes without losing any other material,
> and with patience, you can remix every layer in the loop (should you
> want to)
> andy butler