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RE: Echoplex and MIDI out

> So, out of curiosity, which foot controller/front panel 
> buttons trigger song
> start and song stop messages? There's not a "stop/play" button.

Anything that sets the initial time will send out a time sync
and a song start. So hit record, do your first pass, and then
hit record again (or any of the alternate endings) and the
drum machine will start. The tempo is determined both by the
length of the loop as well as the "8ths beat" setting.

> I assume "mute" doesn't cause a song stop message to be sent, correct?
> want to be able to mute my loop and still have the percussion going.

Mute does send a song stop in Loop IV. It didn't in Loop III.
I would like to be able to revert to the Loop III behavior
but I haven't found that to be configurable. Of course, that
doesn't mean it isn't, it just means I haven't found it.

Anyone else know about this?

Another option is a sync mode on the EDP which sends out time
sync but does NOT send out song start/stop. So you could
record your first loop and then start the drum machine by
hand. Then when you mute, the drum machine will keep playing.