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I was part of one of the coolest gigs I've ever done last night in San
Protrero Hill section.  I just wanted to tell you all about it and hip you
to some incredible new looping
artists that I just became aware of.

I performed with three amazing BeatBoxers who were all using live looping
(from a very short digital delay loop to a sophisticated midi pedal driven
Abletons' live laptop
performance) in San Francisco at the IllBilly Rhodehouse on Portrero Hill.

I have to single out to a couple of amazing performers:

KID LUCKY who has been an incredible performer and
archiver/producer/historian of the beatboxing  movement in New York City
did a fascinating performance utilizing two brand new pieces of
techology:    an amazing microphone with built in effects that he used with
his mouth put up against this throat to achieve sounds that went from 
feedback-esque sounds to industrial sounds to incredible beat box mastery 
spoken word.........................all the while controlling video 
in real time
with a new program that allows audio to control video from Edirol !!!!!   I
wish I knew the names of the individual instruments, but maybe if he is
lurking, he can fill us in on the stuff.    He used a lot of long reverb on
his whole performance and it made it sound like listening to a chronicling
of urban culture
through an old Victrola............both futuristic and archaic at the same
time.............it was a really haunting effect and I was really impressed
by his artistry and vision.  Please check his shit out.

KID BEYOND was not only the producer of the event, but had an extremely
sophisticated and entertaining show he put together.   He is not only an
encylopedia of great beat box effects but he has a beautiful soul/r&b voice
and a nice understanding of vocal harmony.   He accurately mimicked
everything from turntable scratching to techno synth bass sounds to
harmonicas to digital echo effects.
Wow!!!!!   For me, the tour de force of his whole show was his opening
number where he accurately simulated a Portishead
song.....................with ALL the musical elements.  It was such an
accurate reproduction that spontaneous cheers erupted several times in the
middle of the performance as people realized that he had pulled off another
effect, perfectly.............all without effects..........only voice.

I was also very impressed with his command and use of the laptop and
ableton's live.  He told me afterwards that his intention was to never 
the laptop and he was successful with his use of
midi pedal implementation of the loops.This immeasurably added to the
stength of the performance.  I've been a bit critical of LIVE because you
have to use a metronome to start a piece, but KID BEYOND cleverly used a
vocal 'hit hat' simulation so the effect was very consistent.   He's the
first person to make me seriously reconsider getting into that program for
live work and that says a lot.  He completely transcended the 'gearhead'
live looping show and was entertaining, inspiring and funny during his set.

I must also say that he is really working hard to keep beatboxing very
active in San Francisco and he also has a really big heart:  involved with
community service projects and benefits.

The incomparable Zoe Keating also provided some beatiful counterpoint to 
all vocal
evening----it was my CD release party for SF with my all vocal CD) on 
What a beautiful musician she is.  I just love her stuff and can't wait to
buy a solo cello looping CD from here.

I also really enjoyed a very young and extremely talented beatboxing artist
named EACH.
This young man has an incredible future ahead of him.  He also, for my
money, was the dopest pure
beatboxer on the bill.   I pride myself on being able to simulate a lot of
drum effects in my limited
use of beatboxing..................this punk made me completely embarrased
to go on stage............what a repertoire and also very, very
sophisticated rhythmically (which you don't always hear in beatboxing).

I had a fun set and was really warmly recieved by the audience who were
generous and enthusiastic the whole evening.  My ears were ringing from the
high pitched whoops and hollers at the end of every set.

To top it all off............the Illbilly Rhodehouse who hosted us in a
beautiful former 19th century Portero Hill saloon is a very intimate venue.
They are going to have other performances and I can't wait to go back and
play again for these really enthusiastic and warm supporters of new art in
the city.

I knew it was a succesful event because every artist was talking with every
other artist about collaborating on future projects at the end of the
gig.............a very good sign, indeed.

Well, tonight I got to see my brother, Bill Walker do some very tasty live
looping, backing his sweetheart Nancy LeVan as she was given the 
Gail Rich Award for Service and Accomplishements in the Arts tonight and
tomorrow night, I"m off to see the wonderfully creative and inventive Steve
Lawson and Michael Manring at the Espresso Gardens tonight.

What a fantastic live looping week!!!!!   I feel happy to be alive.

yours, Rick Walker