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Re: CoolEdit/Adobe Audition (was: Multitrack recording question)

As a beta site for CoolEdit Pro I was discouraged as well -- Despite
assurances that I would be included on the next test cycle by Syntrillium
people after the buy-out, I'll probably never hear from Adobe.  I am 
waiting until more news comes to announce my lament for what would 
be a fantastic program, that has had a major role in the enabling of
independent musicians to produce studio-quality material.

What kind of problems does Audition have then?  I'm more than curious.


>      Dave wrote:
> Syntrillium's CoolEdit Pro is good at that. They have unfortunately been
> taken over by Adobe and it is now called Adobe Audition. I've had nothing
> but problems dealing with Adobe and with Audition. I use my older 
> software instead.
>      So Dave,
>      What exactly is not working well for you with Adobe Audition?  I'm
using Cool Edit Pro 2.0
> right now and I've been thinking about upgrading to Audition.  Not if 
buggy I won't. :)
>      BTW, Cool Edit rocks!
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