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Re: CoolEdit/Adobe Audition (was: Multitrack recording question)

>      What exactly is not working well for you with Adobe Audition?  I'm
using Cool Edit Pro 2.0

It works great right up until it completely locks up while recording. You
have to hard-kill it and then when it comes back up, it asks you if you 
to recover the session but then the recovery hangs too. I've lost too many
good recordings with it. The same thing happened to me on a different
computer with a different operating system ( XP as opposed to 2000 ) and
with a different audio card ( Delta 44 as opposed to a Delta 1010 ). The
Adobe site makes it nearly impossible to get tech support and my post to 
forum has turned up diddly.

Also, when I originally got my new studio going and wanted to install
CoolEdit Pro 2.1, the installer had expired and I couldn't install it. It
took Adobe a week to get me CoolEdit Pro 2.0 ( yes, 2.0!! ) on CD-ROM just
so I could upgrade to Audition. Then when I finally got Audition going we
lost recording after recording due to it locking up. About every 5th or 6th
session ended in disaster.

So, these experiences and the fact that Adobe basically killed Syntrillium
and all of their other products have soured me on Adobe. I'm going to
continue to use CoolEdit Pro 2.0 ( can't install 2.1 ) for now. I want to
get Sonar 3.0 but it apparently has problems when recording using my two
different audio interfaces ( the demo version did, at least ). They use
different drivers and I think that freaks it out somehow. So, I plan on
getting rid of my Delta 1010LT one of these days ( it's a great card
though ) and getting another Aardvark Q10 to go with my existing one.

If anyone is interested in my old Delta 1010LT, let me know. I'll let it go
for like $225 or something like that.

> right now and I've been thinking about upgrading to Audition.  Not if 
buggy I won't. :)

Well, you should be able to upgrade to Audition for free and Audition and
CoolEdit Pro 2.0 seem to coexist peacefully on the same computer. You might
want to give Audition a shot. Just do lots of tests where you record like 8
tracks for more than 10 minutes.

    Good luck,