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Echoplexes in stereo use

Im using my EDPs in stereo and its marvellous. Three minutes of loop time is just wonderful for the type of music Im busy with. Make sure both EDPs have the same OS as otherwise the master/slave mode wont work (well).
Hey all,
    I currently use an Echoplex Digital Pro Plus in my stereo rig and have
to use a funky method of mixing my stereo fx signal down to mono to go
through the plex and then mixing the output signal back with the original
stereo signal. Needless to say, I'm not very happy about this setup but
since the Echoplex is mono, I have no choice. They say that you can run two
Echoplexes in a master/slave configuration and use them in stereo but I
don't want to lay out $800 on another unit unless I'm confident that it will
work well. Has anybody tried this yet?



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