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MOTU 828MkII as a Poor Man's Switchblade?

I have a a couple of synths plus a viola that I would
like to run through audio looper pedals.  Right now
the only looper pedal I have is my DL4.  I have an
EH16 Reissue on preorder, which would add a 2nd

Here's the thing - I'd like to be able to loop my 2
synths and viola through these 2 pedals, plus a Nord
Micromodular which I will be using primarily for audio
processing.  Sometimes I want to have one synth
running on a sequencer and not loop the audio and loop
the viola.   Sometimes I want to not loop the viola
and loop the synth.  Sometimes I want to loop all of
them at once.

The Switchblade looks like a nice solution except
there's no Mac editor and besides looks like it might
be overkill.  Does the MOTU 828MkII have the
functionality I'm looking for?


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