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Re: Nels Cline (of the Geraldine Fibbers)

Great story, John.  Mike Watt was my first exposure to Nels, and since 
then he has become my favorite guitarist.  His range is astounding (from 
abstract ambient, to free jazz, to pop stuff), his technique is 
unbelievable, and his use of the EH-16 is a blast, just a great melding 
of looping in the context of melodic playing. He's also really humble 
and has a great sense of humor.  AND he's almost 50 and still rocks out 
completely.  I can't describe completely what an effect he's had on me 
in the last few years.

Daryl Shawn

> Wow am I dreaming or did a conversation about Nels Cline start up on 
> the LD list?