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RE: EDP vs. Repeater HISS

OK. After trying my friend's Boss RC box & using the new EH 16 reissue for 
few weeks, I must say how disappointing the sound quality of the ‘wet 
mix from my EDP (white gibson v3). Do the new black EDP’s w/ v4 sound 
better? Also, does the repeater hiss less, more or the same?

LOU :(

>From: "Lance Zechinato" <LanceZechinato@verizon.net>
>Reply-To: <LanceZechinato@verizon.net>
>To: "Looper's Delight" <>
>Subject: EDP vs. Repeater
>Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 15:03:47 -0400
>I haven’t seen this specific question, but I’m a latecomer to LD.  If this
>is a totally played out issue, feel free to flame me.  ;)
>I own an EDP, and I’m jealous of the Repeater’s multi-track looping.  [So?
>Go buy one!]  I can’t afford another looper yet.  In mono mode, it looks
>like the Repeater’s four tracks act like four layers but with each one 
>to a different out.  This effectively allows muting/unmuting of parallel
>parts, which is total gravy.  I’m curious whether any EDP owners have
>approximated “multi-track” stuff and how?  This is distinct from layering
>obviously, as I’m indirectly addressing the oft asked “can I play loops in
>parallel with my EDP” question.  Again, if this is way played out, konk 
>but then point me in the right direction.
>If the EDP evolves, stereo processing and “multi-track” support would be
>really cool.