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Re: Augustus Port

Happy new year,

Yes the audio features in OSX is really something different. and it 
works : )
I use Augustus on a G3 laptop (pismo 500mhz) and it works just great. 
With the new beta i hope to get even more headroom on the performance.


På 1. jan. 2005 kl. 15.03 skrev Per Boysen:

> On Jan 1, 2005, at 14:18, Tim Clulow wrote:
>> I second this!
>> Augustus sounds like a great tool for using with live, I`d be really 
>> keen to try out a beta version for the pc if you get time to do a 
>> port.
>>  - Tim
>> > Port Augustus to Windows, and then let's talk! :)
>> > Dig
> There's indeed a huge market for Windows XP compatible software, but 
> it seems as Augustus Loop is the perfect example of the new generation 
> audio software made possible by OS X, with its support of streaming 
> audio and streaming midi built right into the operating system. This 
> software evolution made me go for an apple machine when my last audio 
> PC (Pentium 4 based) broke down last year. But there are still no 
> super fast portable apple machines available, as you can find on the 
> wintel side. For my use though, I don't miss that extra processing 
> power and I actually prefer staying close to what happening in OS X 
> audio software development.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> ---
> http://www.looproom.com (international)
> http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)
> http://www.cdbaby.com/perboysen