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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V05 #13

At 16:26 14/01/05, you wrote:
I have a Korg MS2000R Synth, and I have started to send the output of my loopers thru the Audio Input for mangling... etc. However, The sound Im getting out of the synth is somewhat quiet, in comparison to the synth patches. If I boost the input level knob on the synth, it distorts.
I am feeding the synth the signal from the "direct outs" from my behringer mixer. (via a patch bay)
I am wondering what I can do about this.. 

Now, I dont undersand any of this, if I boosted the signal BEFORE the synth, would it help?

no, it shouldn't , try synth I/P full up and turn down at the mixer.
Make sure you're pluging a mono jack into the mixer, not TRS (assuming the Korg is unbalanced ip
and the mixer is balanced).

If that doesn't help, then  your synth input distorts,

andy butler