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Re: Electrix Announces....

On Jan 15, 2005, at 12:47 PM, mark sottilaro wrote:
> Exciting day in the world of looping, no?  Even if
> you're a hardcore Echoplex fan, it sure doesn't hurt
> to have another unit available as competition.

this is an exciting year PERIOD for music tech for me at least.

we have the return of the Repeater, this new mysterious Boblooper, the 
rackmount Moog V'ger, the V-Synth rackmount, the Korg OASYS, the 
Hammond XK-System, and the new Virus TI line.

of course, Quantegy has closed it's doors ... but i hear ATR is coming 
up with it's own tape formulation and i'm certain that will be a better 
tape than any ever on the market.

Eric Williamson