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RE: Electrix Announces....

Hi kids!  REMEMBER ME?

Exciting day in the world of looping, no?  Even if
you're a hardcore Echoplex fan, it sure doesn't hurt
to have another unit available as competition.

It is vague though.  It would be a beautiful thing if
they get these enhancements via software only and made
it available to current Repeater owners.  Hell, I'd
pay for a Repeater OS upgrade.  However, they may have
had to upgrade the hardware to eek out better
performance.  Probably not something upgradeable at
all, which is sad, but also exciting because we'd
ultimately have a new kick ass looper available to us.
 Either way, I'm there for the upgrade, even though my
Repeater has served me well for many years.

--- goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> >>New features include - More expressive loop
> creation and control, better support for both
> ambient and beat-driven looping, enhanced front
> panel control and enriched MIDI implementation to
> name a few ...more details to come. <<
> is it just me, or is that a tad vague? :-)
> duncan (2 mk1's & two 32" jam-mans)
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