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Re: Electrix Announces....

<cello@zoekeating.com> wrote:
> It is vague. I just want to see the words, "OS upgrade", or really "BUGS
> FIXED!", or, "Electrix is pleased to announce that from now on your tempo
> won't change when you hit the multiply command."
> Small potatoes really. Don't need a whole new box. Still I'm happy and
> will try not to complain! I don't like to jinx anything by wishing for 
> much.

>From the Repeater user's group.
Peter Toms wrote:

> The new release is an OS upgrade primarily, as everyone here has
> surmised, with changes in dress panels. They wanted to get to market as
> fast as possible, basically. Designing a new line would be a year or
> more's worth of money and time. The great news is that the OS is
> substantially improved, and as I've noted here recently, they've been
> using our wishlist in part to generate the improvements. There's more
> onboard memory, lots of new things. The upgrade will be as simple as
> downloading the software onto your CFC, then loading it on to your unit.
> So the old and the new units will be perfectly compatible.

I think we can surmise that we are going to be pleased with the upgrade...


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