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Re: emulating a cheap sampling toy

mungenast@earthlink.net wrote:

> Howdy, Noisemakers!
> The other day my daughter was recording herself (and snippets of TV 
> audio) with her little lo-res hand-held sampling toy, which allows her 
> to record about 4 seconds of whatever the built-in mic can pick up and 
> then play it back in charmingly mangled low fidelity. Part of this 
> must be the low resolution of the toy-grade digital circuitry, and a 
> some of it may be from the 2-inch speaker (and the not-exactly-Class-A 
> amplifier circuit).
> The question is this:
> Is there anything on the market that can cop the sound of a toy 
> sampler? Anything that can sonically degrade our instruments in a 
> similar way? It's an entertaining texture and I am beginning to hunger 
> for it (bwa-ha-ha-ha-hahaaa!!)
> ~Tim Mungenast
> www.cdbaby.com/mungenast
> www.mungenast.com

Build a one or two bit ADC and feed it into a home built DAC of the same 
bit depth.  A few resistors, comparators, simple logic gates, batteries, 
micsellaneous stuff is all it should take.

What would happen if you set a VCO to 20kHz (or more), and pulse width 
modulated it with your audio signal?