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RE: emulating a cheap sampling toy

I've added a few more effect sound samples to my gear web page, related
to this discussion thread:

http://www.boisemusicians.com/gear.htm  (you can right click links and
"save as" to download clips rather than playing them from the site)

Click on the red Boss VF-1 and listen to Sound Sample #3 (double-click
the unit to make the info window go away)
Click on the Alesis Akria and listen to Sound Sample #3 (double-click
the unit to make the info window go away)

OR the direct links:

Alesis Akira - Sound Sample #3 (Scratchy-poppy, vinal record simluator
and Decimator effect...in that order) 

Boss VF-1 - Sound Sample #3 (Lo-Fi Processor effect with real time
sample and bit rate modification) 

You can actually select 1 bit sample rate emulation, which is reaaally
nasty....  :)

You can do a lot more with these effects using an expression pedal, but
I didn't have time to get into that.


Krispen Hartung 
View improvisational / real-time looping videos: