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Re: Boss RC  loop station

In a message dated 1/29/2005 2:03:11 PM Central Standard Time, hqr@cox.net writes:
bryan helm  wrote:
My friend Dave Stafford recently got an RC-20XL and is extremely pleased
with the performance stability and large memory of the unit, he doesn't miss
the EDP types of parameter controls he says and he's used an EDP for over a
RC has its good points:

1. Battery powered--great for a variety of live situations.

2. Audio quality--I think it sounds great!

3. Space for 10 loops--and non-volatile memory.

4. Enormous amount of sample time--330 seconds! Over ten times that of a
fully upgraded Jamman, almost twice the maxed out Echoplex!

5. Intuitive built-in interface--one pedal for record/play/overdub, one for

6. Footprint--very compact.

7. Price--it's in the Line 6 DL4's price range, cheaper than a Boomerang.

8. Charming in its simplicity.

But there is no feedback control--a big deficiency, making it less of a

    That's why I like the DD-20 Gigadelay. Cheers, James