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Re: Zürich Loopfest 2005

Hi Per,

Im looking into grants myself, and tough i live in Norway there might 
be similarities to where and how to apply.
Is there a special organisation you are applying to? Most of the grants 
i have found here (norway) are difficult to get access to if you not 
already are a professional musician.
As for one time i applied to get a grant to go to the states to study 
Sitar with Roop Verma, i had a personal recomandation from Roopji, and 
all looked swell, but it was a no go, no grant since im not a 
professional Norwegian sitarplayer, how odd up is that?
However a swedish sitarstudent almost got a grant thrown after him when 
he applied to go to the same place.

guess im on the wrong side of the border : (


Pċ 1. mar. 2005 kl. 23.00 skrev Per Boysen:

> Hi Bernhard,
> As you know I applied for a Swedish public grant to cover up for 
> travel costs to come and play in August. Now they answered back and 
> said that they could not take any decision because I "had not filled 
> out the form correctly, since I had left the text area for gage 
> blank". Next meeting will be on May 20 and if I get back to them with 
> a sum for "gage" I will probably get the grant for travel costs.
> I called them up and they told me that they have to get the figure 
> because they have this political goal to not support "bad" venues that 
> pay musicians too little money. Personally I think that is a good 
> idea, but the reality is that I and many other musicians don't think 
> that it's such a great idea to base a creative lifestyle aiming at 
> creating unusual music on the income you can make as a musician. 
> Trying that is just stupid and very uncreative in the long run. Their 
> way of thinking make sense when applied to commercial forms of music 
> or institutionalized music (playing in symph orchestras etc). I told 
> them that I was going to play "on the door", sell CDs and also play 
> another gig in Italy that will bring some money in (which is true) and 
> also that I value the Zürich Loopfest very high for promotional 
> matters. So the guy actually said "just give us a sum for the gage and 
> it will be fine with help for your travel costs".
> I don't think they need to se a copy of a contract so my idea is to 
> simply mail them an estimated figure. There is a "Club gig norm" here 
> of SEK 1650 (USD 240) and that's the figure I'm planning to give them. 
>   That's the lowest you can go without breaking the rules and 
> disqualifying for the grant support ;-)
> Myself I never thought about getting paid for playing, really. That 
> would not be possible with an expensive venue and that many 
> performers. But the Swedish support group have to follow the rules, 
> I'm afraid. So I'll "estimate the gage" and send them the figure, but 
> I really can't take any money in reality, unless all your costs are 
> first paid for and all performers are sharing the rest equally.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> ---
> http://www.looproom.com (international)
> http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)
> http://www.cdbaby.com/perboysen