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Re: Dockstader

On Jul 14, 2005, at 1:43 PM, blixton wrote:

> David Coffin wrote:
>> Assume you’ve got the Starkland CDs? IF not, the liner notes are   
>> interesting, if brief; let me know; I’ll quote ‘em to-ya.
> I haven't. quote away if it isn't too much trouble. ( I have  
> listened to an interivew of him on his site, though)

You mean, here?:
The text there is taken right out of the CD liner notes, so you know  
what I know.

>> There are some Reaktor ensembles that can make very Dock-like  
>> sounds,  but you’re probably going for that ”vintage/analog”  
>> thing, right?
> Yes.  vintage/analog

Simple: Run Reaktor through some tube compressors and a Pultec EQ,  
then out to a McIntosh MC275+pre into a couple of Klipsch  
speakers...tho this: (http://www.impamp.com/) might substitute for  
the MC275:-)