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Re: maybe yes, maybe know

which 'seinfeld' episode was that if anyone knows?
it was just a passing comment about the greatness of t-shirts until that
certain point...
love my loopersdelight t-shirts-wear them w/ pride!
even gave one right off my back to my international hoamee berhnard at
<LOOPSTOCK> last year-what happened to this year-did i miss an 

> Yeah, I was just noticing that my vintage 2001 LD
> shirt (with the feedback back) is getting softer and
> softer, as described on Seinfeld, reaching the zenith
> of comfort immediately prior to its disintegration.
> And my handpainted 1999 LD prototype shirt
> ('Unsubscribe!' over a moebius strip) has a bunch of
> little holes in it, although I continue to wear it
> with pride.
> -t-
> --- Joey <tentaclejoe@gmail.com> wrote:
>> If yes how about the return of Feedback: 100% on the
>> back :)
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